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why choose farm to school? the numbers speak for themselves

School Sales: A New Market for Your Product68.4% of Idaho School Authorities serving locally sourced products as of the 2019 Farm Census.

Farm to school supports local and regional farmers while improving the health of children and communities.
Bringing the Farm to School: Agricultural Producer’s Toolkit

Opportunities for economic growth and market diversificationAccording to the National Farm to School Network Benefits of Farm to School factsheet, there is an average 5% increase in income from farm to school sales.


bringing the farm to school: one step at a time

Idaho Preferred® is a program of the Idaho State Department of Agriculture to identify and promote Idaho food and agriculture products. Currently, over 300 farmers, ranchers, fruit growers, winemakers, bread bakers, specialty foods companies, and nurseries are participants in the Idaho Preferred® program.

Idaho Preferred® members have the opportunity to use the Idaho Preferred® logo on their packaging, signs, websites, and other promotional materials. Recent market research found that over 40% of consumers statewide recognize the Idaho Preferred® logo. The Idaho Preferred® logo lets current and potential customers know that your products are “The Pick of the Crop from Idaho.”

STEP 1Idaho Preferred Membership


already an Idaho preferred member? start here!

Join the movement transforming school meals with the National Farm to School Network, Idaho Preferred, and a powerhouse team including the Idaho State Departments of Agriculture and Education, University of Idaho Extension, USDA Food and Nutrition Service, and other dynamic local, regional, and national organizations! We’re here to empower you with the tools and knowledge to become a vital part of the Farm to School revolution in your community. Dive into our exciting, step-by-step guide and discover how you can make a difference, one farm-to-school connection at a time!


  • Boise State and The College for School and Community Partnerships were 1 of 4 higher institutions chosen by the USDA  to collaborate on the School Food Systems Transformation Challenge. Learn more here and bookmark the page for grant opportunities in 2024.
  • Patrick Leahy Farm to School Grant – On an annual basis, USDA awards competitive Farm to School grants that support planning, developing, and implementing farm to school programs. USDA’s Farm to School grants are an important way to help state, regional, and local organizations as they initiate, expand, and institutionalize farm to school efforts.
  • Grant Application Resources – This page provides updated resources, including webinars recorded to assist Farm to School applicants.
  • Seeding Success – Grantee Webinar Series – The Seeding Success Webinar Series is hosted by the Patrick Leahy Farm to School program and provides technical assistance to support Farm to School grantees to develop, expand, and maintain robust farm to school projects.
  • Community Alliance with Family Famers (CAFF) offers grant resources for farmers


  • The Bureau of Market Development includes the Idaho Preferred Program, international marketing efforts, and the Idaho Farm and Ranch Center.  Check out their calendar of marketing events here.

food safety

Farm 2 School revolution caff informational video

CAFF connects farms with businesses, providing growers with a suite of practical services—from food safety assistance to coordinating institutional purchasing to introducing school children to fresh fruits and vegetables—to ensure supply and demand grow together. If you’re a farmer who wants to know how to start selling food to new markets this is the video for you!