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Idaho Preferred Vine to Wine: Your Guide to Local Idaho Wine

Experience Idaho Agriculture and meet the local winemakers, grape-growers, and farmers who are committed to using a minimum of 95% Idaho-grown grapes in their wines!

Idaho’s flourishing wine industry offers a unique agricultural experience of the state’s rich farming heritage, and as you explore Idaho wine, we hope you get to know Idaho’s winemakers, vintners, and grape-growing farmers. What sets these folks apart is their emphasis on Idaho agriculture — Idaho Preferred member winemakers pride themselves on crafting wines that comprise at least 95% Idaho-grown grapes, offering an authentic and immersive experience of Idaho’s agricultural legacy, from vine to wine.

SW Idaho Wine Country VIneyard at Sunset
Bitner Vineyards entrance with the Sunnyslope Wine Trail directional sign

Beyond the enchanting allure of Idaho’s picturesque vineyards and wineries lies a substantial economic impact that cannot be overlooked — Idaho’s visionary farmers and winemakers are not just creators of fine wines; they are catalysts for economic growth in our Gem State. As you enjoy winery and vineyard tours, indulge in tastings, and embrace the charm of Idaho’s wine country, you can be proud that doing so contributes directly to the local economy. Your support means thriving businesses, job creation, and a flourishing agritourism sector. Raise a toast in celebration of these farmers and winemakers who bring economic prosperity to our beautiful state. Cheers!

3 Horse Ranch Vineyards, Eagle, ID
Local Idaho Vine to Wine Guide
3 Horse Ranch Vineyards

Located in the Eagle Foothills AVA, just under 30 minutes from downtown Boise, you’ll find the newly remodeled full-production winery of 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards. The new facilities include underground barrel rooms, a special events venue, and a full-service restaurant specializing in locally sourced, scratch-made, French-American-inspired Sunset Winery Dinners.

If you’ve ever been curious about the art and science of winemaking, head winemaker Corey Sprott is eager to share his knowledge. Every month, Sprott and his team host an onsite “lunch and learn” session, covering various topics like terroir and barrel aging. Due to its popularity, reservations for this event fill up quickly.

3 Horse Ranch Vineyards Tasting Room & Production Facility
5900 Pearl Rd.
Eagle, ID 83616
(208) 863-6561
Wednesday thru Sunday
12 to 6pm
3100 Cellars

The founders of 3100 Cellars, Hailey and Marshall, named their winery after their shared passion for whitewater adventures. Idaho, with its 3,100 miles of whitewater, inspired the name as a nod to nature’s bubbles. Interestingly, Hailey and Marshall actually met while exploring the Middle Fork of the Salmon.

3100 Cellars, located in Boise’s Urban Wine District, offers sparkling wines that are meticulously crafted by hand, drawing inspiration from the classic Méthode Champenoise with a unique twist. They use different grape varieties, names, and timelines, creating a distinct New World approach while staying true to the French tradition. Hailey and Marshall prioritize sourcing their grapes locally and have even started growing their own.

3100 Cellars Production Facility
240 E. 32nd Street
Garden City, ID 83714

Tastings By Appointment Only
3100 Cellars, Boise, ID
Local Idaho Vine to Wine Guide
Bitner Vineyards, Caldwell, ID
Local Idaho Vine to Wine Guide
Bitner Vineyards

Visit Bitner Vineyards for the trifecta of experiences: a taste of their award-winning Mi Tierra red blend, stunning views of the Sunnyslope Wine Trail, and a deep commitment to the environment.

Dr. Ron and Mary Bitner, along with their daughter Amy, diligently care for their vines to uphold the highest winemaking standards. They proudly hold the distinction of being the first vineyard in the state to achieve both sustainable LIVE and Salmon-Safe certifications. Certification recognizes their holistic and low-input farming methods, which protect the Snake River watershed, enhance soil health, and provide nourishment for pollinators. Additionally, Bitner Vineyards’ Bee Friendly Farming certification from Pollinator Partnership, highlights their efforts to safeguard, preserve, and promote pollinators.

Bitner Vineyards Tasting Room
16645 Plum Rd
Caldwell, ID 83607
(208) 455-1870
Seasonal (visit website for current hours)
Colter’s Creek Winery

Colter’s Creek Winery is a pioneer in winegrowing within the Lewis-Clark Valley AVA, located in Julietta, Idaho. With complete control over the entire winemaking process, from grape cultivation to production and bottling, they uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship. This hands-on approach allows them to create wines that authentically showcase the unique character and terroir of their estate.

As a winery deeply rooted in the Lewis-Clark Valley, they are dedicated to highlighting the remarkable potential of this emerging wine region. Each sip of their wines reflects the passion, dedication, and natural beauty that define both the Lewis-Clark Valley and the renowned Colter’s Creek Winery.

Colter’s Creek Production Facility
20154 Colter Creek Lane
Julietta , ID 83535

Colter’s Creek Moscow Tasting Room
215 S Main Street
Moscow, ID 83843
Call Ahead
Colter's Creek Winery, Julietta, ID
Local Idaho Vine to Wine Guide
Huston Vineyards, Huston, ID
Local Idaho Vine to Wine Guide
Huston Vineyards

Huston Vineyards, recently named Winery of the Year by Great Northwest Wines, is the gateway to the Sunnyslope Wine Trail in the Snake River Valley AVA.

Owners Mary and Gregg Alger, accompanied by their two sons, Jacob and Joshua, extend a warm welcome to visitors in their cozy barn-style tasting room. Their genuine passion for the region’s distinctive wine culture creates an atmosphere where new guests feel like cherished friends.

Raised in Idaho farm families, Mary and Gregg initially shunned the farming tradition but eventually returned to their roots later in life and they have found their calling.

If you find yourself with a few hours to spare in the beautiful surroundings of Southwest Idaho, be sure to treat yourself to a tasting at the award winning Huston Vineyards.

Huston Vineyards Tasting Room & Production Facility
16473 Chicken Dinner Rd
Caldwell, ID 83607
(208) 455-7975
Monday thru Sunday
12:00 to 5:00 PM

Indian Creek Winery

Established in 1982 by Bill Stowe and Mui, Indian Creek Winery remains a family business known for its delightful outdoor atmosphere and award-winning estate wines. Nestled in Southwest Idaho, the vineyards are surrounded by a picturesque “Idaho Bohemian” setting, featuring vibrant gardens and Mama Mui’s iconic dahlias. Tammy, a talented designer (and two-time American Ninja Warrior competitor) creates the acclaimed wine labels, while her husband, Mike, is the head winemaker who has earned numerous gold medals for Indian Creek’s Pinot Noir, Dry Rose of Syrah, and Viognier.

Visit Indian Creek Winery to meet this hardworking Idaho farm family and savor their passion in every sip.

Indian Creek Winery Tasting Room & Production Facility
1000 N McDermott Rd
Kuna, ID 83634
(208) 891-7151
Thursday through Sunday   
Indian Creek Winery, Kuna, ID 
Local Idaho Vine to Wine Guide
lindsay creek
Lindsay Creek Vineyards

Lindsay Creek Vineyards is located in the stunning North Idaho Lewis-Clark Valley AVA. Beyond the act of swirling, sniffing, and sipping, Lindsay Creek Vineyards recognizes the value of connecting with the winemaker and gaining insight into their approach and motivation for pursuing this timeless and intricate art form.

Tastings can be arranged by appointment or during weekend hours. The winery facilities make a great venue for weddings, meetings and receptions of all types.

Lindsay Creek Vineyards Tasting Room & Production Facility
3107 Powers Ave
Lewiston, ID 83501
(208) 746-9463
Thursday: See Facebook for special events
Fridays 4:00 – 9:00
Saturdays 1:00 – 9:00
or by appointment: (208) 746-WINE (9463)
Sawtooth Winery

Sawtooth Winery captures the essence of Idaho’s untamed wilderness. Its ambiance reflects the rugged outdoors, offering a back patio that provides an ideal vantage point to witness the breathtaking beauty of an Idaho sunset. While relishing the panoramic views, visitors can indulge in the exquisite wines from the Sawtooth Trout Series, an exclusive collection available solely in the winery’s tasting room. So, as you plan your summer adventures, be sure to include a stop at Sawtooth Winery, where you can savor their remarkable wines and bask in the majestic surroundings of the iconic Sunnyslope Wine Trail.

Sawtooth Winery Tasting Room
19348 Lowell Road, Building C
Caldwell, ID 83607
(208) 467-1200
Open Daily 11am-5pm 
Sawtooth Winery, Caldwell Idaho
Local Idaho VIne to Wine Guide
Ste. Chapelle Winery, Caldwell, Idaho
Local Idaho Vine to Wine Guide
Ste. Chapelle Winery

Ste. Chapelle Winery, Idaho’s oldest and longest-running winery, and its sister cellars, Sawtooth Winery are nestled in the vineyard and orchards of SW Idaho’s iconic Sunnyslope Wine Trail.

Ste. Chapelle Winery, founded in 1975, holds a special place in Idaho’s wine scene. Located in the Snake River Valley AVA, its roots trace back to the grapevines planted among the fruit orchards of Southwest Idaho. Today, it stands as Idaho’s largest winery and a beloved destination for locals. Ste. Chapelle offers unique wine experiences, including the “LOVE IDAHO” wine series and the exclusive Panoramic and Treasure Valley Series wines, available only at the tasting room.

Ste. Chapelle Tasting Room & Production Facility
19348 Lowell Road
Caldwell, ID 83607
(208) 453-7844
Mon- Sat 10AM- 5PM
Sunday Noon-5pm

Winery Bingo Card by Idaho Preferred

Experience Idaho Agriculture! Be sure to take the Idaho Preferred Winery Bingo gamecard with you when you go on your next in-person tasting through Idaho Wine Country.