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1,000 Springs Mill

Healthy People, Healthy Future

The story of 1,000 Springs Mill begins with two cousins, both organic farmers, who believe in being good stewards of the earth by ensuring healthy soil, healthy crops, and healthy families.

The Mason and Cornie families have farmed in Idaho’s Magic Valley for three generations. They are pioneer partners in the local organic farming movement, focusing on healthy soil, resulting in healthy people, with a healthy future.

In 2014 Tim Cornie went on an extended vacation throughout Europe and was quickly drawn to the local cuisine. Everything was local and fresh. Processed foods were nowhere to be found. The food was healthy, vibrant, and delicious.

While on his journey, Tim began to wonder about the vast difference between European cuisine and American food offerings. He thought about our industrial food system and how to deliver more nutrient-dense foods to his family and community. He decided to do his part by offering healthy food.

Through collaboration with his cousin, Kurt Mason, 1,000 Springs Mill was formed, the mission being: Healthy People. Healthy Future. Fast forward to today, and 1,000 Springs Mill is putting Tim and Kurt’s vision into practice every day by employing organic and regenerative agriculture practices, making continuous improvements to our food and our environment.

Look for 1,000 Springs Mill products at the Boise Co-op and Lark and Larder in Boise, or buy direct from the website. Interested in buying in bulk? Check out this link.

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