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24 West Ranch

24 West Ranch is an 80-acre urban cattle ranch in Boise, Idaho.

The Watterson family has been raising cattle, sheep and vegetables in the Treasure Valley since 1924.

Meet the Watterson Family, third-generation ranchers at 24 West Ranch producing 100% all-natural, grass fed beef, raised on their pastures and grazed in the open air of the Boise foothills. They are nestled in the foothills between Boise and Eagle, less than 15 minutes from either downtown. They have a small herd of about 30 calf/cow pairs and only sell their beef locally. They never ship beef out of market.

All of their cattle live on a single ranch, which also happens to be the 24 West Ranch family home. They believe that a working ranch is a perfect place to raise a family, which is exactly what they have done.

24 West Ranch uses sustainable practices and treat their cattle humanely, so they can provide the best in local, grass fed beef to local families. You can feel good about eating 24 West Ranch beef knowing where and how it was raised.

Most of what the ranch needs to operate is produced right there, on the farm. They grow their own hay and transport their own cattle. Additionally, they practice crop rotation to prevent soil erosion, practice cover cropping, and many other techniques that help conserve, regenerate and protect the soil.

The Team

Joe and Jill Watterson are owners and operators of 24 West Ranch. Joe grew up ranching and then spent about 25 years in the tech industry before shifting careers and going back to his roots. Jill and Joe moved from the North End of Boise to begin their new adventure in 2010 and never looked back. As a rancher, Joe plays the role of a horticulturist, an irrigation expert, a mechanic, a large equipment operator and a vet. He works on the ranch every day alongside our ranch manager, Freddy.

Jill handles all sales and marketing for the ranch. She is also a partner at a local advertising agency, so her days are full. Both Joe and Jill grew up in the valley. They have a son, Luke and a daughter named Evan and love raising their children on the ranch.

Freddy Murillo is the go-to guy on the ranch and has been the ranch manager for over 10 years. He handles all of the hay production, including watering, planting, and cutting and bailing. He also checks on the cattle daily and delivers most of the home delivery orders. He is the fastest moving person you’ll meet and works tirelessly to assure that the ranch operates smoothly. And, he does it all with a smile on his face. Freddy lives in Star with his wife and two daughters.

24 West raises and sells 100% all natural, grass-fed beef. No corn, no grain, no growth hormones, ever.