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3100 Cellars

Bringing wines to the table and into your glass that are alive as the rivers that inspire them.

Our sparkling wine is a tribute and thanks to the whitewater that has shaped our story. We strive to make a wine as alive as the rivers that inspire it.

Hailey and Marshall, 3100 owner/operators

About Us

There are over 3,100 whitewater river miles in the state of Idaho- Hailey and Marshall met on the Middle Fork of the Salmon and have made many/most of our important life decisions while enjoying the beauty and life in Idaho’s river drainages. Sparkling wine has characteristics reminiscent of the dynamic water you find on any river: eddies, rapids, whirlpools, and more.

3100 Cellars is Idaho’s first and only sparkling winery. They use 100% Idaho grapes to make all of their wines, and believe that the Idaho wine industry can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any great wine region of the world.

They focus on grapes as they are growing in the vineyard and then try to keep that varietal, vineyard, and vintage characteristic throughout the process and into the finished product. That being said, their wines are quite alive and will continue to change as they age. 3100 Cellars hold back 10% of each production to age sur lees (with the yeast in the bottle) and see how it changes. Someday hoping to have a really great party with all that wine…


  • Whitewater – sparkling Chardonnay wine
  • Runoff Rose – sparkling rose wine
  • General Phunk – sparkling ancestral method wine