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American Table


American Table is a family-owned, Idaho-based business created by Jasmyn and Marc Nehring and their children.  Their mission is to source the highest quality American-grown ingredients to build the most trusted American food brand.

“A favorite family tradition is waking up Saturday mornings to make fresh rolled hotcakes – our family’s own version of traditional French crepes. Our kids prefer them over any other breakfast! At American Table, we use the highest quality American-grown ingredients and make it simple enough to enjoy this delicious breakfast tradition any morning.” – The Nehring Family

From American Farms to American Tables​

They use the finest American-grown, certified organic ingredients to create healthy and delicious foods, supporting American values by supporting American farmers.

Here’s where they source their ingredients:

Idaho Grown Organic Wheat

Utah Mined Ancient Sea Salt

Montana Grown Organic Oats

California Grown Brown & Sweet Rice

Florida Grown Organic Raw Cane Sugar