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Barbarian Brewing

Brewery with old world traditions for new world flavors

Barbarian Brewing is a brewery with locations in Boise and Garden City. James Long and BreAnne Hovley opened Barbarian Brewing in October 2015. James was a Registered Trauma Nurse and a home brewer before attending brewing school in Middlebury, Vermont at Drop In Brewing. Bre was a server and bartender at several local restaurants and beer bars.

The name: Barbarian Brewing was named after Bre and James’ Siberian Husky, Conan, who was not originally named after Conan the Barbarian, but because “Conan” is Gaelic for “Little Wolf.” At the time of the brewery’s origination, Bre and James were trying to think of a name that centered around one of their dogs, Dirk or Conan. The popular name “Conan the Barbarian” came up. They did a quick Google search and found out hadn’t been taken and neither had the name. That was how Barbarian Brewing came to fruition. 

Barbarian Brewing specializes in kettle sours and barrel-aged beers. Their mission is to create delicious, complex, artisan ales. Their handcrafted ales are inspired by old world traditions but their creativity isn’t limited by style guidelines. Barbarian offers a unique array of Northeast-style IPAs, Lagers, Belgian ales, Porters, Sours, and more.