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Bitterroot Botanicals

We started Bitterroot Botanicals to provide our family and friends with incredibly natural, healthy products. “Wildcrafting” is our primary means of supplying the natural ingredients we use whenever possible. What could be more Organic than harvesting a naturally occurring plant from its native habitat and putting it to beneficial use? We combine amazing, healthful foods from nature with certified organic items which we think you’ll agree are of superior quality.

Elderberry Syrup is our flagship product and where it all began. We are very proud of our syrup; we think you’ll find it as delicious, refreshing, and beneficial as we do. Crafted from simple, organic, and natural ingredients, we’ve used the same recipe for over 15 years! Unlike many producers of wildcrafted products, we devote the time and energy to harvest our own elderberries.

Elderberries are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and flavanoid phytochemicals. Our blend of black (sambucus nigra), and blue (sambucus canadensis) varieties combines the best healthful benefits of both cultivars. Handcrafted into a delicious light syrup with a health boosting blend of spices makes this a wonderful addition to any beverage. Our wildcrafted elderberry syrup contains over 1/2 ounce of elderberries per serving, or over one pound per 20 ounce bottle. Please compare this to other providers!

Many wildcrafted products are prepared using commercially harvested items. At Bitterroot Botanicals, we select, harvest, and process our own ingredients, believing that this is the “true spirit” of wildcrafting. Keep on the lookout for new and exciting products offered periodically from our Wildcrafting journeys.

We invite you to join our family and learn, grow, and experience the vast bounty of nature with us.


Elderberry Syrup – syrup made from Idaho wildcrafted elderberries, organic sugar, and organic spices.