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BMB Cattle Co.


It all begins with healthy happy cows. We treat our cattle with great care and respect. You’ll see no feedlot style confinement or feeding at BMB. No sir. Our cattle graze freely rotating through open pastures, which is proven to enhance and enrich the land. We strive to keep our cows happy and healthy throughout their lives.


We raise our cattle sustainably, grazing on a high-density variety of cover crops during the winter to ensure a healthy well-balanced diet, while improving the soil we farm.


It all began with an idea. We wanted to offer our community the highest quality beef with the best taste while improving our farm and ranch ecosystems. We raise our cattle humanely, and their health and comfort is always our top priority.


You can truly taste the difference with beef that comes from healthy pastures. The marbling and overall health of the cow throughout it’s life translates to higher quality beef.

Happy calves on this lush pasture at BMB Cattle