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Dairy West

Pioneers By Nature

Dairy West represents dairy farm families in Idaho and Utah to promote the dairy industry and products locally, nationally and globally. We are passionate about what we do, every day, because dairy farmers play a critical role in providing the world with safe and nutritious food. From forging industry partnerships to hosting community events, Dairy West seeks to deliver impactful information and experiences that can help secure a brighter future for us all. We thrive on big ideas, and strive to create an environment in which the dairy community is a positive change-maker. Our goal is to have the world see dairy the way we see it: as a key ingredient in the health and prosperity of our planet.

Idaho’s dairy farm families have a proud heritage of providing healthy and wholesome dairy products that are enjoyed by people within and outside of Idaho’s borders. Moreover, all but one of Idaho’s dairy farms are family owned, with many farms that are multi-generational.

Idaho’s dairy industry provides significant resources to support research and promotion needed to stabilize and sustain Idaho’s dairy industry to drive demand for Idaho produced dairy products, which contributes to the financial stability of rural communities and benefits the state’s and region’s economies. Idaho’s dairy industry is poised to confidently meet the challenges of the future and to continue to provide the healthy and delicious dairy products that Idahoans have come to expect and enjoy.