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Eden Creamery

Handmade Artisan Goats Milk Cheese

Meet Cassie and Asaf, owners of Eden Creamery, located in Kuna. We’re a closed loop operation that produces farmstead goat cheese. We milk the goats on their farm and make goat cheese in our on-site creamery. Choose from a variety of delicious cheeses including gouda, manchego, farm cheese, feta, chevre, and labaneh.

Eden Creamery offers a variety of local artisan goats milk cheeses. The goats graze on a well maintained pasture, and hay grown on the farm. Goats are fed herbs used in the cheesemaking and grown on the farm. We strive to use organic and natural ingredients.

Eden Creamery offers order pick-up by appointment. Bulk and specialty orders can either be picked up at the farm or we can arrange delivery.

Purchase our cheese products directly online or at Albertsons, Vogel Farms Country Market, and the Boise Co-op.


Artisan Goat cheeses: Feta, Farm Cheese Flavored, Farm Cheese, Farm Cheese Grilling Cheese, Mozzarella, Chevre, Cheddar, Mozzarella