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Emmett Royal Honey

Superior Breeding. Responsibly Harvested.

Emmett Royal Honey is a family-owned apiary in Emmett, Idaho.

For those interested in supporting responsible honey producers, look no further. Emmett Royal Honey focuses on research-driven, sustainable beekeeping. The main focus is effectively breeding superior queen bees for fellow beekeepers to carry on this art and help honey bees keep on buzzing.

Pure Honey

Honey provides incredible nutritional benefits compared to other, processed sweeteners. But honey can be over-filtered or heated, and include hidden additives that impact the natural nutritional benefits. When you purchase local honey from Emmett Royal, you enjoy honey with zero additives, preservatives, and the gentlest filtration for the full health benefits of nature’s nectar.

Zero Treatments, Zero Chemicals

What sets Emmett Royal Honey apiaries apart is our commitment to treatment-free honey production and bee care. We use no synthetic or organic chemicals. And we don’t feed our honeybees any unnatural sugars to boost production.

Save The Honeybees

Our main goal is to help the beekeeping industry by breeding honeybee queens with superior genetics. We do this through selecting queens that naturally have traits to withstand diseases, pests, and pesticides – one of the leading causes of honeybee death.

Help For Aspiring Beekeepers

In addition to offering consumers unadulterated raw honey free from additives, Emmett Royal Honey is a a trusted resource for aspiring beekeepers. We’ll help you get started with our Full Backyard Hive Deluxe Hobby Setup and train you about proper beekeeping practices in your own backyard. We also offer expertise in Backyard Trainings, Honeybee Classes and Tours, Honeybee Lab Diagnosis, Honeybee Land Usage, and Swarm Rescue services.