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Farm To Market Grains

From Fields to Flour

At Farm to Market Grains, they take grains harvested by a local farm in Idaho’s Kootenai Valley and turn them into light, fluffy, and eventually, delicious flours and more.¬†Their stone-milled flour offerings include Hard White Spring Wheat Flour, Soft White Winter Wheat Flour, High-Fiber Barley Flour, Pancake Mix, and several seasonal bread mixes.

Farm to Market Grains is:

  • Farmed in the Kootenai Valley for over 90 years and by 4 generations
  • Committed to sustainable farming practices
  • 100% all-natural, stone-ground nutritious whole grains
  • Contains zero preservatives and zero additives
  • GMO-free
  • Dedicated to choosing their grains based on end-use quality, protein, and fiber content

Flour: barley, hard white, and soft white. pancake mix, seasonal mix