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Gem Meat Packing Co.

Gem Meat Packing Company was founded in 1947 on the Boise River in Garden City Idaho where the original facility still stands after numerous additions, updates, and improvements. Initially a custom slaughter and processing facility, our plant served the needs of the many local farmers who raised livestock for their families and neighbors. Gem Meat Packing is now a modern-day, federally inspected, full-line packer.

The Compton family has been part of Gem Meat Packing Company for over 45 years and three generations. We’re proud of our Idaho heritage – our descendants originally coming to the Boise Valley by covered wagon in 1890, and contributing to the community as farmers, firemen, teachers, policemen, and businessmen for 120 years.

Take advantage of our locally crafted full line of beef, pork, and lamb products, as well as our famous Basque Chorizos, franks, and lunch meats. We cure and smoke hams and bacon along with many specialty items. Find Gem Meat Company product at chain stores, independent grocers, restaurants, and convenience stores.

Savor the fresh product taste and uniqueness you’ll only get from quality ingredients like ours. We’re proud of our team-oriented staff’s dedication to producing quality, wholesome products for our community and neighbors.


Pork, Lamb, Sausage, Smoked Products, Sandwich Meats