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Glanbia Nutritionals

Headquartered in Twin Falls, Glanbia Nutritionals is one of the largest producers of cheese and whey-based ingredients, and the largest barrel cheese manufacturer in the world. With four facilities located throughout Idaho’s scenic Magic Valley, Glanbia Nutritionals has two processing cheese plants in Gooding and Twin Falls, and two whey processing plants in Gooding and Richfield. These facilities collectively process over 900 billion pounds of milk every year resulting in over 900 million pounds of cheese and millions of pounds of other dairy ingredients annually. In 2015, Glanbia Nutritionals opened the Cheese Marketplace in downtown Twin Falls, making this award-winning Idaho made cheese available exclusively in the Magic Valley.

Glanbia Nutritionals is committed to producing the highest-quality cheese and whey ingredients on the market. Using only the freshest dairy ingredients, Glanbia receives daily milk deliveries from local dairy farmers in the surrounding communities, processing over 12 million pounds of milk each day. Each milk batch is tested thoroughly for antibiotics and other contaminants, rejecting any supply that does not meet the highest quality standards.

From American, Cheddar and Colby Jack and a wide variety of specialty cheeses, to highly-purified whey protein isolates and milk calcium ingredients, to lactose and whey protein concentrates, their range of industry-leading dairy-based ingredients have received international recognition for their exceptional flavors, functional benefits, and their overall nutritional value.


Variety of cheeses