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Grain Craft

Milling Wheat Into Flour For More Than 100 Years

By merging three longtime, trusted flour millers, Grand Craft created a new company that feels like an old friend. Today, Grain Craft is the largest independent flour miller in the nation, offering you premium bulk and bagged flours for the baking, foodservice, tortilla, and pizza industries — including custom proprietary blends.

We can efficiently serve our customers through 15 milling facilities spread from coast to coast. But far more important than Grain Craft’s production capacity is our unmatched capacity to serve your needs.

Just as you counted on Cereal Food Processors, Milner Milling, and PFM to provide you with the personal attention you deserve, depend on Grain Craft to do the same. Our mission isn’t simply to put a lot more flour at your service, it’s to provide a lot more service with your flour.


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