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Grandad Farms

Grandad Farms, nestled in Emmett, Idaho, focuses on its unwavering commitment to providing high-quality and wholesome food. Founded by Mark and Sophie Ellison, the farm emerged from a deep desire to grow nutritious conscious foods for not only themselves, but food that their customers will feel good eating. 

At the heart of their practices lies rotational grazing, a method where their animals are frequently moved to new pasture giving them access to sunshine, fresh grass, promoting a diverse diet, and plenty of room to roam. Their animals thrive on unsprayed pasture, supplemented with minerals, herbs, organic fruit, and vegetable scraps. They adhere to a diet free from GMOs, corn, and soy. 

In addition to their pasture-raised pigs, chickens, and turkeys, Mark Ellison also breeds treatment-free honey bees. Grandad Farms’ bees overwinter outdoors and are never treated with any substances, mimicking the conditions of feral bees that thrive without intervention. Their commitment to a treatment-free approach is not just a short-term solution but a long-term genetic strategy aimed at producing exceptional honey, wax, and propolis.

Mark and Sophie Ellison firmly strive to provide their animals, family, friends, and customers quality-minded food, prepared with care and integrity. Enjoy products from Grandad Farms that you can feel good eating and sharing!