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Happy Heron Farm

Fresh fruit and veggies grown with love in Nampa, Idaho

Happy Heron Farm is a small family farm located in Nampa, ID. They are dedicated to growing nutrient-dense produce using regenerative agricultural practices. Their name comes from the majestic Great Blue Herons that are the farm’s frequent visitors.

Happy Heron Farm grows a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables and sells pasture-raised chicken and eggs. While they are not certified organic (yet), they do follow organic practices and use no herbicides or pesticides on their property. They also strive to grow their produce with the health of the land in mind, using minimal tillage, a variety of composting methods, vermiculture (worm castings and tea), and cover crops. 

Brian and Stephanie are the founders of Happy Heron Farm!

Brian is a lawyer by day and a plant enthusiast during the evenings and weekends. When he’s not outside working on the farm, you can find him watching movies or making a mean lasagna.

​Stephanie has dreamed of starting a farm since working as a farmhand at Peaceful Belly Farm and being inspired by Clay and Josie. Besides farming, Stephanie’s favorite things are being a mom, reading, writing, eating, and spending time in nature.

About Happy Heron Farm’s CSA

Happy Heron Farm’s long-term vision for their CSA program is to get people excited about eating well and shopping local, to engage their members in the journey of food from seed to plate (especially the next generation – kids even get their own CSA option this year!) and to offer affordable, nutritious food that is accessible to all. They have four options to choose from:

  • Gardener’s Delight CSA: Get a variety of healthy plant starts for your garden!
  • Wonder Worms CSA: Geared towards kids ages 2-10, this CSA helps kids start their own gardens (perfect for small spaces or container gardening!)
  • Spring CSA: 6 weeks of seasonal veggies like carrots, beets, turnips, lettuce, spinach, and more! (May – June)
  • Fall CSA: 8 weeks of autumn’s bounty: tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, squash, peaches and more! (Aug – Oct)

Happy Heron Farm values good food, healthy soil, happy animals, and community.