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Hudson Baking Co

Hudson Baking Co is a sourdough micro-bakery. Hudson reimagines sourdough baking through old world techniques, slow fermentation, and natural leavening. Redefining bread baking and bringing bread back to the table.

Idaho’s first farm-to-table bakery. With an emphasis on local ingredients and seasonal produce. A curated menu that changes with the seasons showcasing the incredible abundance of fruits and vegetables found in the Treasure Valley.

What is true sourdough? It is so much more than a tangy flavor, in fact our bread isn’t sour at all. We use the science of fermentation with old world techniques to develop recipes that are delicious and easier to digest. Civilizations have thrived on grains for thousands of years, only recently have many chosen to give up grains altogether. By supporting farmers that use sustainable agricultural practices and the science of slow fermentation, Hudson has created breads and pastries that can be enjoyed by many.