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Kooskia Farmers Market

Step into a world of farm fresh craftiness at the Kooskia Farmers Market! Every Thursday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., the Kooskia City Park transforms into a bustling hub of local farmers and artisans, offering a cornucopia of seasonal produce and handcrafted treasures. With a welcoming atmosphere and family-friendly vibe, the market beckons you to explore the endless array of vibrant colors, textures, and flavors that await.

Discover the charm of tradition as you peruse the stalls, filled to the brim with the best of the local harvest. From juicy heirloom tomatoes to crisp apples, and everything in between, the market’s selection of fresh produce is second to none. And with only artisan crafts on offer, you can be sure that each treasure you find has been lovingly created with skill and care.

As you wander through the market, take in the sights and sounds of the vibrant community that surrounds you. Laugh with friends, dance to live music, and savor the delicious tastes of the season. The Kooskia Farmers Market is more than just a place to shop—it’s a celebration of the bounty of the earth and the warmth of human connection.

So come, experience the joy of the Kooskia Farmers Market. Let the sights, sounds, and scents transport you to a world of freshness and craftiness, where the community comes together to support local farmers and artisans, and each visit brings a new discovery.