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Lazy SB Cattle

From The Ranch To Your Table

Steve was born and raised on the family homestead East of Fairfield in Willow Creek until he was about 8 when they moved to Gooding. Raising cattle was in his blood so in the mid 90s he started with bottle babies to build his herd. He then purchased a few cows from his Uncle and the herd began. Along came Cindy a total city girl from south Seattle who had very little knowledge about agriculture. Somehow these 2 came together and have built an amazing life.

They built a typical cow/calf operation that sold calves thru the sale yard at weaning. Along came 2020 and the cattle market crashed so Cindy decided to figure out how to make up some of the lost money. It started with selling 3 beef on the rail and has grown from there, they like to call it A happy accident. USDA retail cuts were brought into the picture in 2021 to fill in the gap for those that don’t have the space for bulk beef. It also gives customers a chance to taste the beef before a large purchase. They understand the trust being put in them to provide quality local beef to their customers and don’t take that trust lightly. Our mission is to provide local quality beef direct to the customer from the farm.

Lazy SB Cattle Offers:

USDA Retail beef cuts and 1/4, 1/2 and whole beef on the rail