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Mountain States Oilseeds

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Mountain States Oilseeds LLC was started in 1974 and is focused on supporting sustainable agricultural methods.  They combine quality, dependability, and transportation expertise to earn long-term markets valued by consumers, processors, and growers.

Their growers understand that quality is a primary need, and together Mountain States Oilseeds have established quality levels for its products that meet the highest standards for consumers and processors. 

Mountain State Oilseeds produces mustard seed (yellow, brown, and oriental), flax, and safflower. Their mustard, safflower, and flax seed comes from farms surrounding Idaho (that we can see from the kitchen window). They consider their growing area to be one of the most beautiful places in the USA – surrounded by National Parks, including Yellowstone National Park.

Working in partnership with their growers, Mountain States Oilseeds ensures:

  • Top-quality seeds
  • Farms are fairly paid
  • Farmers have access to the latest information and resources
  • Farming respects the environment

Whole yellow mustard seed, Oriental mustard seed, Brown mustard seed, Flax, Safflower