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Mountain Valley Farmstead

"The Cheese that Brings Ewe Baaaaack"

Randal’s extensive background in the Dairy industry has included Idaho State Dairy Inspector, Dairy Cooperatives, Cheese processors, a degree in Agriculture Economics at Utah State University, and recently retired after 20 years of service as a Dairy Marketing Specialist with USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Services in Washington, D.C. Always longing for and missing the West, they were grateful to return to their native state of Idaho in 2014. Since their return they both have been actively engaged in their sheep cheese operation

They sell five varieties of artisan sheep cheeses:
  • Carmen Carrano – a manchego-style cheese aged between 6 months and one year. A very rich and buttery flavored cheese.
  • Aged Carmen Carrano – same as above but aged over one year. Same as above but with a more distinctive and pronounced flavor.
  • Mountain Gem – a gouda-style cheese aged a mild but nutty flavored cheese that is aged a minimum of 3 months
  • Cold Smoked Mountain Gem – same as above but exposed to natural apple wood smoke. The smoke chamber temperature never rises above 55 degrees F.
  • Pecorino Idaho – a pecorino-romano-style cheese that is aged a minimum of 9 months. This cheese has a strong piquant flavor that is typically grated to compliment other foods like pasta, salads, or soups.