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Muskrat Hill Haskap

Muskrat Hill Haskap is a propagation nursery specializing in Lonicera caerulea (haskaps) for the wholesale and retail trade. All of our breeding stock originated from the University of Idaho’s research station in Sandpoint, Idaho. We have carefully selected varieties for their plant vigor and berry production. All of our varieties are trademarked under the name BonnerBlue and are license protected.

Located on the southern edge of the Selle Valley in Bonner County, Idaho, Muskrat Hill Haskap provides haskap plants specifically developed for northwest growers and gardeners. Our plants have to withstand harsh winters, strong winds, standing water and be drought resistant. With minimal care each plant will produce an abundance of fruit. We now offer five varieties of BonnerBlue haskaps. All our haskaps are hardy to -40°F  and are suitable for zones 3-7.