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Nora’s Family Bakery

A Labor of Love

Nora’s Family Bakery is a bakery that specializes in sweet breads like zucchini and banana bread. They have a unique combination of flavors that makes them stand out. Most of their ingredients are local (organic flour, eggs, honey, zucchini and lavender). Specifically, they bake with flour from Hillside Grain in Bellevue, Idaho. They are always looking for more opportunities to work with local vendors to give the best to customers!

A Message From Nora’s Family Bakery..

“Hey there, folks! Welcome to Nora’s Family Bakery, your friendly
neighborhood bakery right in the heart of Meridian, ID. We’ve got a
knack for mixing up traditional sweet breads with fun twists, like our
zucchini bread that we jazz up with flavors like lime-coconut and
white chocolate-lavender. Sounds pretty tasty, right?

Now, you might be wondering, what’s our secret? Well, it’s pretty
simple: we stick to the good stuff. That means fresh eggs straight
from the farm, honey made by local bees, and wheat that’s grown and
milled right here in Idaho. No funky business or processed
ingredients, just real, quality food. Why? ‘Cause we believe in
feeding our family—and yours—the best.

And how’d we get started, you ask? It all began with wanting better
food for our kiddo, something more than what the stores had to offer.
Before we knew it, not only our little one but also our friends,
neighbors, and local farmers’ market goers couldn’t get enough of our
tasty breads. So, come on down to Nora’s Family Bakery, where good
ingredients, friendly faces, and a pinch of creativity make for a
treat you’ll love to eat!”

Nora’s Family Bakery Highlights Local Ingredients!

Hillside Grain

Steele Legacy Honey

Plain Folk Farm PMA (Unwashed eggs)