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Oakdell Egg Farms, Inc.

Laying eggs since 1905

Oakdell’s hens have been laying eggs right in your area since 1905. Many of your store brand eggs including Smith’s, Albertsons (in WA & OR), WinCo (UT, WA & OR only), Dan’s, Fred Meyer, Harmons, and Costco (UT & ID only) are from Oakdell Egg Farms.


Oakdell produces non-GMO organic, cage-free eggs. Their cage-free brown organic eggs come from hens that are fed non-GMO grain, have access to the outdoors, are never in cages, and are always free to roam. They continue to produce an Omega-3 brown egg from brown hens fed an enriched vegetarian diet. One of Oakdell’s egg farms is in Idaho.