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Owyhee Produce

Owyhee Produce is considered a mid-range producer– too big to sell at farmers markets, but small enough to retain a deep-rooted commitment to quality and their community. Their farm operation isn’t just about growing crops; it’s about feeding communities, supporting local economies, and ensuring a sustainable future.

Different family members take on different roles at the farm, each contributing to the company’s success and growth. In the wake of their impressive growth, they remain deeply committed to quality and their community connections. Owyhee Produce takes pride in cultivating high-quality produce — from asparagus, onions, and watermelon to mint oils, sugar beets, wheat and beans, they bring these fresh and flavorful products from their fields to your table, connecting consumers with the essence of the earth’s bounty.

In 2007, Owyhee Produce started farming 200 acres of onions and since has increased that crop to over 2,000 acres. Today, Owyhee Produce is a top ten packer, shipper, and grower of onions nationwide. Their scale and efficiency are awe-inspiring, allowing them to provide for an astounding 38 million people nationwide.

Watch Shay the Farm Kid on Tik Tok, Instagram and Youtube, where he teaches “Farming 101”–personal anecdotes, short video clips, and “behind the scenes” takes on being an Idaho farmer.


Asparagus onion watermelon, beans, sugarbeets, corn, mint, wheat, hemp.