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Red Canoe Farms


Red Canoe Farms grows quality, full-flavored berries on a small, friendly farm. They offer u-pick or already-picked berries grown from rich volcanic soil. Throughout each season they host blueberry growing and pruning classes, story-time, and a farm festival.

In 2008, Steve and Lisa Pointer moved to a 28-acre farm near Hauser, Idaho. Most of the land was planted in alfalfa hay. In 2010, they plowed up four of the alfalfa acres and started growing 4600 blueberry bushes with the help of their three sons. Their sons are grown up with families of their own now, but blueberries are still a common part of everyone’s life.

The Pointers named their farm after their red canoe, recalling their summer paddling down the entire length of the Columbia River back in 1992. Pointers didn’t have any previous canoeing experience—just thought it was an adventurous idea. Planting blueberries was like that, too.

Red Canoe Farms grows eight different varieties of blueberries—all sweet, but with noticeably different flavors. Customers love the berries, and some come for their favorites: Spartan, with its exceptionally sweet flavor; Bluegold, with its Italian overtones; Chandler for size; Draper for texture; and more.

Steve and Lisa believe that Red Canoe Farms is a welcoming place away from the busyness of life, where friends can talk, families are together and children form summer memories while picking one of the world’s healthiest fruit.

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