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Teton Mills

Teton Mills Idaho Quinoa started as a dream to provide a gluten-free crop for Idaho Farmers to raise. With low commodity prices and corporate farming moving in, we wanted to provide small farmers in the area a crop with a good return.

Sustainable Quality

Teton Mills has been producing Idaho Quinoa for almost 10 years. Our recent production facility expansion uses the latest in technology to process our quinoa to your requirements.

Our Idaho Quinoa is a no-rinse quinoa. That means it is virtually saponin-free, so you can count on it to never be bitter. And our waterless process is friendlier to the environment.

With our Idaho Quinoa you can expect the same size profile and whiteness as you would expect from any quinoa out of South America.

By using our Idaho Quinoa, you reduce your carbon footprint from products imported from South America.