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Van Lith Ranch

3rd Generation Idaho Raised Beef

Van Lith Ranch is a third-generation ranch family behind their pasture-to-table cattle operation based on the banks of the Payette River in Idaho. Andy, Joe, and Bridgette are the main drivers of the business, and bring a fresh perspective on providing dinner tables with locally raised quality beef, all the while carrying on Van Lith legacy and love of ranching in the Idaho agriculture community.

The backstory: Although ranching has been their family’s mainstay for over 70 years, the Van Liths felt the pandemic offered a silver lining of sorts. With the success and wisdom of three generations behind them to bolster their courage, they pivoted and began selling their top-grade beef directly to consumers. It’s been a winning solution that fostered their resilience as a company and as a family, but most importantly, it allowed them to serve and connect with their local community. We’re sure glad they did!

“At Van Lith Ranch, we pride ourselves on the dedication we put forth to our animal care and comfort. We treat each individual animal humanely and responsibly. We are committed to having a hand in every step of the way, including hand-selecting the animals ourselves just to ensure we can produce the best possible beef.

Our cattle are raised and packaged right here in Idaho. We are driven by consistently satisfying each of our customer’s expectations.

We sell Premium Beef Ranch Packs that are bundled in a variety of options to cater to each of our home chef’s needs. For special bundled pricing see our website for details.”



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