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Wada Farms

The Grower That Changed The Game

Established in 1943, Wada Farms has since been a leader in the Idaho potato industry offering a full line of high-quality fresh potato products. Based in Southeastern Idaho, this family-owned and operated business is dedicated to the delivery of fresh and innovative products sustainably. Growing over a billion potatoes annually, they are among the largest growers and shippers in the industry.

The original farming operation has expanded to include a fresh potato, onion, and sweet potato sales & marketing group, 140,000 sq. ft. fresh potato packing warehouse and trucking company.

For Wada Farms, sustainability is a comprehensive philosophy.  It motivates every part of their farming and packing operations including; wise land-use practices, conservative water and management, careful herbicide and pesticide applications, and beneficial crop rotation practices.

They are committed to this vision throughout their entire operation and feel confident that they are making agriculture safe, strong, and sustainable for today and in generations to come.

Wada Potatoes are available at most Idaho retailers. In addition to our Wada Farms shipper label, their Dole® Fresh national label, and various other labels, we are excited to add yet another strong brand to our Idaho potato product offerings through Idahoan® Foods.