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Wagner’s Idaho Foods

We Love Idaho. It’s our home. We love mustard. So it’s only natural that we name our flagship mustard after the state we love. Wagner’s Idaho Mustard is patterned after German style whole grain spicy mustard.

Bob’s Dad grew up on this type of mustard. He craved it, but couldn’t find it…anywhere.

Bob made it a passion project to recreate a mustard like his Dad grew up on. He began experimenting with various recipes and formulations that he’d think up. Nothing was quite right. But one day he came up with the perfect recipe.

Bob’s Dad thinks this recipe is better than what he grew up with.

We hope you like it too. It’s fantastic on brats, hamburgers, hotdogs, and sandwiches. BBQ’s just aren’t complete without it!

And while you’re at it, try our other flavors of delicious whole grain mustard – Dill, Sweet and Sassy Honey, Smoky – Hot , Hoppin’ Jalapeno, Screamin’ Hot Habanero, Applewood Smoked, Roasted Garlic, our Special Reserve Whole Seed Mustard and our newest flavor – Atomic Lava – made with Ghost Peppers and Carolina Reaper. (Oh yeah, it’s &%$#@! (Bad Word) Hot.

All ten flavors of Wagner’s Mustard are made the old fashioned way in small batches with Idaho grown mustard seed, and all natural, non-GMO ingredients – no added sugar, corn syrup, eggs, oil, fillers or anything artificial, no coloring agents, and no artificial flavors.

Yes, you can actually pronounce all the ingredients in all of our mustards.

We make them right here in Idaho. 

It’s sassy, with an Idaho snap!

It’s said that there are two kinds of people. Those who reach for the ketchup first, and those who reach for the mustard first. 

We reach for the mustard first. We hope you do too.

Bob & Cari Wagner
Wagner’s Idaho Foods