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Fun Worksheets for Parent/Teachers

Connect learning with Idaho agriculture from your own home or classroom. Listed below are a variety of kid-friendly worksheets and fun facts.


Idaho grows a variety of berries including strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and huckleberries. The earliest berry that’s available is strawberries starting in June.

Try to unscramble the word Strawberries in this fun word scramble.


Did you know Idaho raises more trout than any state in the U.S.! Trout farms are common in the Buhl area where they have a natural source of spring water that’s over 50 degrees.

Learn more about Idaho trout with this educational worksheet.


In Idaho, we have more cows than we do people! Beef is high in protein, iron, and zinc.  As you can see on this MyIdaho Plate- every meal should include protein, grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy.

Follow this link to learn more about beef from farm to you in this fun worksheet!


If Idahoans had to eat all the potatoes produced in Idaho- Every Idahoan would have to eat 42 potatoes EVERY day! In Idaho we raise over 13 billion pounds of potatoes each year.

Learn how to grow your own potato and do potato crafts here. 


In Idaho, we raise more apples than any other fruit. Apples are harvested by hand- there are over 60 million pounds of hand-picked apples picked every year.

Check out this word puzzle and educational worksheet on Idaho apples. 


Onions spend their whole growing period under the ground. Before harvest, they are brought to the top of the ground so their outer layer can dry up. Idaho onions are exported all over the world.

Put your knowledge of onions to the test with these fun puzzles. 

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