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July is Idaho Beef Month

This designation recognizes the tremendous impact the Idaho Beef Industry has had on local communities and the economy of Idaho and is a legacy that has been carried forward by ranching families for generations. Idaho beef strengthens communities and contributes to strong bodies as well.

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Idaho Beef Cattle

Idaho has lots of cows! Over 2.5 million cows to be exact! Idaho beef ranchers are found throughout the whole state, from Idaho’s deserts to Idaho’s mountains. Idaho’s beef ranges from a variety of cattle as well, from angus and herford and something in-between. You can find Idaho beef at your local grocery store or through the ranchers website.

Beef cattle

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Did you know?

Cattle are raised in every Idaho county, with the largest production in the southern part of the state. Small independently owned operations are still the backbone of the Idaho cattle industry. 

Beef cattle

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Idaho Beef Council

The Idaho beef industry is an integral part of local communities and the economy of Idaho. The Idaho Beef Council is a consumer-focused, producer-directed organization representing the state’s second largest agricultural industry.

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