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May Is horticulture Month

May is Idaho Horticulture Month, but you can get to growing Idaho lawn, garden and household plants well before the first day of spring. Shopping for seeds, starters, trees, shrubs and household plants at your local garden centers, nurseries and greenhouses is the first step in identifying which plants are locally-grown and can thrive in Idaho’s unique conditions. Be on the lookout for special events and gardening classes all season long to learn about maintaining your own beautiful lawn in Idaho.

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Idaho nursery growers and local greenhouses carry a wide range of locally-grown, started-from-seed annuals and perennials that thrive in Idaho’s unique soils and climate zones. Whether you want to create a new look every season with annuals like pansies, snap dragons or petunias, or if you wish to learn the best way to maintain your perennials, your first step is discovering your local Idaho plant experts.

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When planting your back yard garden from seed, it is best to start with seeds that are regionally-adapted and will thrive in your climate zone. Planting conditions can vary greatly throughout the state of Idaho and include such climates as the arid high desert, urban, and high mountain regions. Support your local Idaho Seed producers and learn which seeds will thrive in Idaho!


Let the local tree growers teach you which trees and shrubs will thrive in Idaho’s unique soils and multiple climate zones. Supporting your local growing experts is the first step in determining the success of growing a lush, thriving lawn and garden.

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From high desert terrains, to mountain alpine climate zones, the secret to growing a lush lawn in Idaho is starting with sod grown locally and acclimated to the area’s unique soil and climate conditions, critical factors for a deeper root structure needed to thrive in Idaho’s various climate zones.

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