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Idaho Plums

What do you get when you cross a plum with an apricot? A pluot! This unique fruit has a smooth, firm skin like a plum, with delicious flavor and higher sugar content than plums.

Fresh Idaho plums and pluots are larger than most out-of-state varieties. Our warm springs, hot summers, and chilly winters create the ideal climate for flavorful fruits with high sugar content.

Idaho Plums Cont.

Canyon, Payette, and Gem counties produce the most plums and pluots in Idaho. While there are several different varieties of plums and pluots, Idaho growers and produces primarily grow Empress, Friar, Presidential, Simka, and Fortune plums. These types of plums, and their pluot counterparts, are among the sweetest and juiciest varieties available for eating, cooking, and canning. Find Idaho Preferred plums and pluots at retailers and farmers markets in August and September.

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