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Support Local Farmers in 2015!


Are still searching for the perfect New Year’s resolution What if you resolved to do something that is not only good for you, but also Idaho’s economy? Now you’re thinking “What could be beneficial to me and good for others at the same time?” Eating of course! There is one catch, it is not just eating ANYTHING, but eating locally grown or produced items.

Eating local does not have to be overwhelming. Start small… maybe with one locally grown or produced item every week! With so many great items to pick from it is easier than you think. For a start, visit to see what is in season, find local producers and search for great recipe ideas. Or read Idaho Preferred’s blog to get ideas on what to include in your cart to keep you on track throughout 2015.

Here are a few good places to start….

root veggies-1476

First, there are still Idaho onions, apples, potatoes, and squashes available in many grocery stores. Potatoes and onions are always great to have on hand. Plus, how can you beat fresh LOCAL fruit in January!  Look for Fortress, Symms, and Garrett Ranches apples at your local Paul’s market.

Now for some items that you may not recognize as Idaho products when preparing your grocery list:

Idaho is the third largest dairy state in the nation, so the selection of Idaho dairy products is great. Idaho milk, cheese, and butter are widely available at local retailers. Look for Darigold, Meadowgold, and Cloverleaf dairy products. Want local milk but don’t want to leave the store? Not a problem, Boise Milk Co. will deliver right to your door. Don’t forget the cheese! Ballard’s cheese is available in so many varieties, from blocks to curds, that there is something for everyone.


What goes better with cheese than bread! No pantry is complete without bread and lucky for you it fits in with your resolution. Idaho breads range from artesian loaves to sliced sandwich breads. There is no excuse to NOT buy locally made breads, buns, and rolls. Breads from Zeppole’s, Great Harvest Bread Co. and Alpicella Bakery are all made with Pendleton flour right out of Blackfoot, Idaho. These breads are not only made in Idaho but also use Idaho ingredients.



Now you have a good idea about where to start – don’t forget to check back next week to find out about the large variety of Idaho meats available.